October 29, 2023

Raise Them Up (Part 1)

Passage: 2 Chronicles 16
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In this sermon on 2 Chronicles 16, Isaac explores the topic of parenting, using this biblical passage as a starting point. The passage doesn't directly relate to parenting, but it highlights the importance of relying on God in battles. The key message is that God is looking for faith and the hearts of His people.

The sermon emphasizes that rather than relying on specific techniques or strategies for parenting, the core principle is to lean into our weaknesses and failures, acknowledging that perfection is unattainable.

The sermon encourages parents to trust in God's guidance and not solely depend on human strategies or programs. It underscores the idea that parenting can often feel like a battle, but the battle ultimately belongs to the Lord.

In the end, the message focuses on the need for repentance, faith, and complete dependence on God in the parenting journey. It emphasises that God desires the hearts of parents and that faith is the key to godly parenting.

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