In this message we discuss the sensitive topic of depression. Many believe that Christianity and depression are incompatible, but we will see that not only is that untrue, it is…

No Condemnation

April 4, 2021
This special Easter message looks at what it means when the Apostle Paul says there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.
When is it okay to judge? Does Jesus words "Judge not lest ye be judged" apply in all circumstances. Why is that those who say "Don't judge me" often say…
In this message we review the place of hospitality in the old and new testament and how we can be inspired to show hospitality as well as avoid the temptation…

Accept One Another

February 14, 2021
In this message we look at how we can accept one another by first remembering what it means to be accepted by God and how that enables us to show…

Love One Another

February 7, 2021
In this new series we examine the "one another" passages of scripture. This first message looks at the chief among them: love one another.

Confidence in God

December 27, 2020
In this message we reflect on 2020 and how it has shown us that our confidence is misplaced if it is put in anything or anyone other than the LORD.
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