In this final message in the 5 Solas series we see how all things, all life, salvation itself, and even the work of Christ is for the Glory of God…

Scripture Alone

June 5, 2022
In this message we look at the importance of holding to "According to Scripture Alone" and particularly the ways in which, even as Christians, we may not always hold to…

Christ Alone

May 29, 2022
In this message we discuss what in Christ Alone means and particularly how this idea unifies the old and new testaments and clarifies our mission into the future.

Grace Alone

May 22, 2022
In this message we continue looking at the 5 Solas of the reformation with an examination of what we mean by "by Grace alone"

Faith Alone

May 1, 2022
In this message we begin our 5 Solas series by looking at the verse that started it all Romans 1:17.

The Road to Emmaus

April 17, 2022
In this message we look at the road to Emmaus and the fact that until Jesus revealed himself to his disciples, they could not believe that he had risen from…
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