The Good News

October 11, 2020
In this message Rob Hadfield discusses Romans 1 and what we mean when we use the word "Gospel".
In this message we look at the first part of the Flood narrative and what it tells us about God's attitude toward sin, and also what He does about it.

Building God’s House

September 27, 2020
In this message we look at David's plan to build a house for God. We discover that God desires to dwell with His people and build them a "house" first.

What God Requires

September 20, 2020
In this special Freedom Sunday message we look at the work of IJM Australia and the Biblical mandate to break the chains of injustice as the correct response to God's…
In this message Jon takes us through the events leading up to the flood: the increase of sin in the world and the favour Noah found with the Lord.
In this message we examine the Genesis 5 and the way in which faith was transmitted for generations in an increasingly sinful word.
In this message we examine the line of Cain and see that even though it appears things are getting worse in the world there is evidence of God's common grace…
In this message we look at the well known story of Cain and Abel and also what it has to teach us about the hatred and how we can all…
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