I Am Samson

October 24, 2021
In this one off message we look at the end of Samson's life and see that though he is a hero of the Bible he is a deeply flawed individual.…

Freedom Sunday

October 17, 2021
This Sunday is Freedom Sunday in which we look at the work of International Justice Mission and the effort to free people from modern day slavery. In the message we…

Why We Worship

October 10, 2021
In this message we look at Psalm 8 and think about why we meet as a church and why we worship.
In this message we explore the role of prophecy in the church today. Firstly by making sure our foundation in God's Word is sure, and then by exploring the possibility…
In this message we zoom in on the gift of encouragement and how Barnabas used it to great effect in the church of Antioch. God is calling us to encourage…
In this message we take a look at the first gentile convert, Cornelius. We see that it took quite a bit for Peter to accept the fact that the gentiles…

Genuine Miracles

September 5, 2021
What does a genuine miracle look like? Many claim to see regular miracles while others claim that miracles have ceased. What does the Bible say?
In this message we look at the account of the first Christian martyr: Stephen. We will see that God is always with His people.
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