In this message we hear about how there is something worse than heretical false teaching: teaching that distracts from the cross of Christ. How do we keep the main thing…


November 14, 2021
Mark shares a message from Psalm 19 on how we are blameless in God's sight.
In this message we look at why we celebrate the Lord's Supper on the anniversary of the day in which this practice was rescued from the abuses of Rome. Meanwhile…

I Am Samson

October 24, 2021
In this one off message we look at the end of Samson's life and see that though he is a hero of the Bible he is a deeply flawed individual.…

Freedom Sunday

October 17, 2021
This Sunday is Freedom Sunday in which we look at the work of International Justice Mission and the effort to free people from modern day slavery. In the message we…

Why We Worship

October 10, 2021
In this message we look at Psalm 8 and think about why we meet as a church and why we worship.

Why Do Mission

June 13, 2021
In this message Wilbur Longbottom shares from John's gospel about the reason why the church should be on mission.

Confidence in God

December 27, 2020
In this message we reflect on 2020 and how it has shown us that our confidence is misplaced if it is put in anything or anyone other than the LORD.
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