In this message Jon takes us through the events leading up to the flood: the increase of sin in the world and the favour Noah found with the Lord.
In this message we examine the Genesis 5 and the way in which faith was transmitted for generations in an increasingly sinful word.
In this message we examine the line of Cain and see that even though it appears things are getting worse in the world there is evidence of God's common grace…
In this message we look at the well known story of Cain and Abel and also what it has to teach us about the hatred and how we can all…
In this message we examine how the fall and the curse lead to the introduction of the law of sin and death and how it is inevitable that all people…

The Curse

July 26, 2020
In this message we examine the effect that the curse has on the world, and also the ways in which Jesus takes the curse upon himself and reverses it.

The Fall

July 19, 2020
In this message we examine the fall and the immediate effects it had on Adam and Eve. They lost not only their innocence but also their transparency (the ability to…

The Lie

July 12, 2020
This week we examine the lie that Satan used to trick Adam and Eve. It's a lie he is still telling today. In telling it, he is trying to undermine…

Never Alone

June 28, 2020
In this message we examine the need for companionship that all people have and that it is the very first thing that God says is "not good".
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