From Adam to Abram

November 22, 2020
In this message we look at the final Genealogy of Genesis 1-11 and how it sets us up for what it is to come in Genesis. We also reflect on…
In this message we see how the Bible explains where all the different people of the earth came from: Noah and his three sons, Shem, Ham, and Japheth.
In this message Peirce examines the tower of Babel. Listen to this great encouragement that the Bible provides the best explanation of the evidence and also how God's love lead…
The Rainbow is a sign of God's unchanging faithfulness = fixed and permanent. The story of Noah getting drunk is a sign of Man's unchanging brokenness.

God Loves Life

October 26, 2020
In this message we take a look at the differences and similarities between the pre- and post-flood world. It's biblical, but also controversial.
In this message we look at the first part of the Flood narrative and what it tells us about God's attitude toward sin, and also what He does about it.
In this message Jon takes us through the events leading up to the flood: the increase of sin in the world and the favour Noah found with the Lord.

Walking With God

August 30, 2020
In this message we examine the Genesis 5 and the way in which faith was transmitted for generations in an increasingly sinful word.
In this message we examine the line of Cain and see that even though it appears things are getting worse in the world there is evidence of God's common grace…
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